It’s a project, a desire, sometimes a dream : build and open your culinary enterprise. A brasserie, a Luxury hotel, a private beach. A corner of paradise where delicacies, wines, nutrition and gourmet food intertwine.

An ambitious challenge for wich Pascal Silman offers to accompany you, from the original idea to its achievement, armed with his experience and supported by instructors selected with great care.

Pascal Silman does not see himself as just a Chef, but he’s driven by a perpetual need to teach and share his vast knowledge about flavours balance.

A gastronomic architect

Used to and formed by the best French gastronomic institutions, he flies among Michelin stars. Having the soul of a Challenger, he decided with his associates  to create a consulting company. This idea has nothing to do with coincidence.

For 15 years, Pascal Silman has enjoyed being a wise designer. Among his works: A Mediterranean Asian Fusion cuisine restaurant he shaped entirely.

The creation of not less than 9 kitchens to allow his teams to exercise in the best conditions. The conception of a childish gastronomy for a crèche in Israel.

Pascal Silman will guide you in each fundamental step of your restaurant, helped by a team of professionals selected with great care. Real instructors specialized in their own domains to conceive wine menus, restaurant menus, kitchens, furniture and decoration. In short : YOUR CONCEPT !

Inspired by numerous travels, Pascal sets himself as an avant-garde who analyzes your demands and considers the best possible approach to sublimate your project.

Aiming for an international clientele, Pascal Silman Consulting preaches economical patriotism and tasting of local products sublimed by sharp European techniques. The objective : promote short cycles with regional and seasonal products to allow your team to work on them with subtility. Pascal Silman preaches for an eco-responsible gastronomy respecting  Humans, Animals and the Planet. A well-balanced, delightful and tasty cuisine.

Across the world, his goal is to take up with you, hand in hand, this culinary challenge, bringing up his salt, pepper and chili. His modern touch, his indisputable experience, his faithful palate, his unlimited creativity and the expertise of his teams.