Our talents

Founder Chef of French Cook Consulting. 
Known for his innovative and creative cuisine, Pascal is used to Starred tables and European luxury hotels.

Joël Garault – 62 / chief instructor
Distinguished Executive Chef, used to France palaces’ golds, he is one of the most known chefs in luxury hotel gastronomy.

Antoine S – 28 / Chief instructor
Very talented cook, trained by great French chefs, he travelled to England and Switzerland in the kitchens of known palaces. Modern cook, mastering techniques of modern cuisine.

Antoine M – 38 / Chief instructor
Chameleon cook, Antoine adapts to bistronomique kitchen and modern brasseries. He has the soul of a teacher and instructs without ever counting.

Didier. S – 52 / chief instructor
Meilleur ouvrier de France 2004. Didier worked for numerous years in Palaces’ kitchens  between France and Monaco. He was awarded multiple Michelin Stars during his career. Distinguished instructor, experienced in modern technique.

Philippe. A – 58 / chief instructor
Specialized in vacuum cuisine and molecular cuisine, Philippe trained numerous chefs during his career, distinguished for their culinary talents. He’s experienced in modern art technique

David. C – 34 / chief instructor
Culinary traditionalist of the French and Italian Riviera, David masters Riviera cuisine like no one else, a major asset for a sunny cuisine.

Sabino. G – 42 / chief instructor pastry
High level pastry Chef, Sabino is well known in French Riviera Palaces where he’s been working for several years. Every year, he meets France’s best pastry chefs to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Julien. L – 42 / chief instructor bakery
Julien is one of the best on the worldwide bakery market. Trainer since several years, Julien travels the world to teach his enormous knowledge.

Vincenzo. T – 51 / Chief instructor service
Meilleur Ouvrier de France Service finalist, Vincenzo is a highly skilled professionnal in high end restaurant service, manager, organizer. A vital asset for any known institution.

Alexandro. P – 43 / chief instructor Barman
State of the Art Chief Barman, Alexandro certainly is the most wanted chief barman today in France for the required skills of this position. Distinguished instructor, he earned his place in our teaching team.

Jeremy. S – 22 / chief instructor service
Jeremy is actually working in French Riviera palaces. Even though he’s young, is resume is already impressive. He brings us the freshness of today’s service.

Olivier. C – 34 / chief instructor service and bar
Great distinguished professional, Olivier is a specialist of openings, especially private beaches

Stéphane – 36 / Director instructor
17 years spent as a high end beach director in Monaco, Stéphane is one of the best room director and beach manager with important daily income. His expertise is precious to French Cook Consulting.